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  • 4ftx8ftx24in Fusing Kiln
  • Quartz Window in Kiln
  • UL Listed Control Panels
  • 40 inch Glory Hole Reheater
  • 6 Inch and 40 Inch Glory Hole Reheaters
  • Working Glory Hole Reheater
  • Local Delivery
  • Work in Progress
  • 14in Glory Hole with Pipe Warmer
  • We Crate for Shipping
  • Glass Crack-Off Machine
  • Various Equipment
  • Front Loading Kiln
4ftx8ftx24in Fusing Kiln1 Quartz Window in Kiln2 UL Listed Control Panels3 40 inch Glory Hole Reheater4 6 Inch and 40 Inch Glory Hole Reheaters5 Working Glory Hole Reheater6 Local Delivery7 Work in Progress8 14in Glory Hole with Pipe Warmer9 We Crate for Shipping10 Glass Crack-Off Machine11 Various Equipment12 Front Loading Kiln13

Northwest Iron Works, LLC, Specializes in Building High Quality Glass Equipment

 All of our equipment is built to last a lifetime

Tradesman Protective Apparel - Heat Protection and Aluminized Clothing


6" Borosilicate Glory Hole


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Charging a 150lb furnace

NWIW owner sitting in front of a 40" glory hole

Furnace design allows easy replacement of crucible

Glass crack off machine

Featured Artist: Matt White

Standard garage

Discounts for glassblowing schools

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